Thursday, June 10, 2010

MHA trying all means to hide information on Telangana !!!

Union Home Ministry(MHA) is trying very hard to hide all information regarding Telangana and related issues. They have given some very strange replies to my RTI applications. Some for sample,

1. The meeting of the 8 political parties convened by Mr Chidambaram on Jan 5th 2010 at the cost of the exchequer was a closed door meeting and no minutes were recorded.In their own words,
'Since it was a closed door meeting,proceedings of the meeting was not minuted'

Who are they trying to fool? How can such an important meeting be a closed door meeting specially after most parties took a U turn in their stands.

2. There is no file noting or file available for either the constitution of B N SriKrishna committee or the framing of the ToR of the committee. Everything seems to have happened in Chidu's brain.
’No file noting is available in the appointment of the members of the committee.'

Can the ToR and the members of such an important committee be finalised without a file in place?

3. No communication has been sent by MHA to Govt of AP to withdraw cases against students booked during the agitation.

Mr Chidambaram on Dec 9th said,
'We have requested the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to withdraw the cases filed on or after November 2009, against all the leaders, students and others associated with present agitation. The Chief Minister informed us he will take the necessary steps in this regard'

But the reply from MHA says,
'As per record, no official communication has been sent from MHA. Statement made on 09-12-2009 contains a reference to this effect'

How is rosaiah supposed to take any action when there is nothing in writing from the MHA? What if rosaiah tomorrow says i did not hear anything from Chidambaram. This means that the statement made on 9th Dec was just an eyewash ( am not going into the discussion whether the withdrawal of cases is a good thing or a bad thing). If a statement was made,it should be followed in action.

4. They refused to share the copies of the reports sent by ESL Narasimhan saying,’The information cannot be made available at this juncture in terms of Sec 8(1)(a) of the RTI act 2005’

Sec 8(1)(a) says, 'information, disclosure of which would prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the State, relation with foreign State or lead to incitement of an offence'
How can a Governor's report affect the integrity of India? Does the governor mention the places where Maoists are hiding?

All this suggests that there is every effort from MHA to hide all information about Telangana.

Telangana-APM-7th Dec 2009-MOM1 Telangana-APM-7th Dec 2009-MOM2 Telangana-APM-7th Dec 2009-MOM3

But why?

Use RTI !!!

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santhosh said...

namaste rakesh bhai iam junior advocate and student of LLM santhosh from vikarabad and i met you along with my friend madhu in Jagatgirigutta on 15th august celebrations Bhumi programme thank u brother for you to enlightening us by filing rti petitions and fighting for a social cause.