Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Advices are always Dangerous !!!

Had the CIC Division Bench hearing of the IIM - Online CAT- Prometric deal today. Decision is reserved and will probably be out in 2-3 days. But i heard the funniest argument ever made from Mr Satish Deodhar (Convenor - CAT 2010).

Mr Deodhar says, "Rakesh Dubbudu" has given his address as Oracle India. So it is possible that he is asking on behalf of Oracle. So giving out this information may favour companies like Oracle and Pearson etc. The wonderful argument is made only now, 3 months after the hearing process started. It is possible that some INTELLIGENT brain might have given him a free advice about raising this issue so that the main issue can be side tracked. Mr Deodhar seems to have gladly accepted it. What is so funny about this? Let me explain,

1. My application clearly states in the very first paragraph that "This application is in my personal capacity of a citizen of India". (Snapshot of the application is below)
2. It is also clearly written in my application that the oracle address is only for COMMUNICATION.
Let us look at the ABCs of RTI act
  • Companies or organizations cannot file an RTI. Only individuals who are citizens of India can file an RTI application.
  • Sec 6(2) of the act says "An applicant making request for information shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information or any other personal details except those that may be necessary for contacting him”
How is it that Mr Deodhar missed these basics? Not sure, but its time he read the RTI act in detail, specially Sec 6, Sec 10(1) etc.
Free advices are always dangerous. Follow them if you want to, but only with caution!!

Now that i am no more with Oracle, will he give me the information now? But am wondering, if i give my home address this time, he might say am working for my dad and giving out information may favour my dad !!!

Use RTI !!!


umesh said...

the eccentricities you come across - disgusting!

Harish Peddi said...

Not to forget the same guy is the convener for one of the most respected entrance examinations of the world...funny. Is int it?

sugarboy said...


I just had a doubt, why are using the office address...u can directly provide residence address address?

Rakesh said...

@Sugar Boy: How does it matter whether i provide office or home address? I clearly state in my application that its in my personal capacity and office address is only for communication.

I dont have a permanent residence in hyd. Hence the office address.

Ram Mohan Reddy said...

Really foolish argument …that too from so called 'autonomous' educational Inst. They shud understand that 'autonomous' doesn’t mean that they r ‘not accountable’.

What really sad is even IIM ppl took long 3 months to come out this silly reason

hari said...

great job......!!!

2611 Citizens watch said...

Good work Rakesh. Keep it going . Suprised that IIMs instead of being torchbearers, give such cunning reasons.


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