Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Details of "United Forum for RTI Campaign - AP's" Press Meet Held on 20th October 2009

We held a press meet yesterday to let the people know as to how the IAS officers were refusing to provide information on the Immovable Property Reports that they submit to the Govt every year.

Check the following,

1. Press Note
2. CIC Decision in a similar issue

3. Supreme Court Judgement clarifying
"Right to Privacy Vs Right to Information"
4. Gujarat Information Commission Decision in a similar case.

Below are the news stories in the Local Press today,

Surya Daily



Andhra Bhoomi

Andhra Jyothy

Use RTI !!

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lets have said...

I must congratulate the little bit effort towards the implementation as well as creating awarness from your side.

I hope it would continue and inspire a great number in future.