Friday, July 03, 2009

Osmania Government Hospital and RTI !!

Osmania General Hospital is the biggest government hospital in Andhra Pradesh. It caters to an estimated number of 8000 patients per day on an average. Unfortunately the conditions in the hospital are appalling to say the least. Large Majority of the patients who come to the hospital are poor and those who cannot afford the luxury of going to a private hospital.

Suresh Deepala is a young law student volunteering with AID India. He has been volunteering at the hospital with some of this friends trying to help destitutes get admission in the hospital and then rehabilitating them. He has been after me asking me how do we better the functioning of the system and make sure the conditions change at the hospital. I suggested we can start with RTI. We filed an RTI on some basic details relating to the hospital. The application was a bit lengthy with 29 questions in all. The application was a result of many hours of reading the functionary manuals by suresh. I probably rejected the questions he framed 3-4 times before finalizing on this one. We had a good time understanding this and my constant rejections did not deter suresh from reframing them and he is now framing questions on other issues very well :)

This is what he had to say about his plans and about the RTI in a mail,

" I filed this RTI with the help of Rakesh of Bhumi. I had been working on the sick people lying around the premises of the hospital. After seeing the conditions and reality as to how the Hospital is reaching the poor and indigenous patients who come to hospital from all over the state with the hope of cure to the their ailment, an interest developed in me to work towards the hospital systematization. I didnt have any idea as to which way to go ahead. That is how, I met Rakesh who said RTI could be the tool to show us the way up ahead to work on the hospital's systematization and to make the hospital liable for the issues in the Hospital. He also told me to get to know the role, responsibility and the functionaries of the everybody employed in the Hospital. That is how, I got the functionary manual of all the staff of the Hospital. After going through that, we decided to start filing the RTI's on the various issues of the hospital and that is how we filed this first RTI in Both Osmania and Gandhi Hospitals. We received the reply from the Osmania hospital and are waiting for the Gandhi Hospital's reply.
Our intent of sharing this RTI with u all is to show you how the Hospital management has escaped from furnishing the genuine hospital information and to tell u all to go to Hospital whenever possible and see weather the Hospital stands to what it replied in the RTI. We also welcome anyone who is interested work on the issue.

D. Suresh kumar, AID India"

Frankly speaking, I did not expect a response from the hospital. To my surprise, they did reply and even co-ordinated between different departments to provide the information. But the disappointing aspect of this whole thing is the way they answered the questions. Even then, the RTI has given some interesting and useful information. We are discussing the future plan. I will keep the blog updated with the plans. For now, please look at the application and the reply.

Download the RTI application and the Reply from here,

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

RTI Application to Osmania Hospital

Reply to the RTI application by the hospital administration

RTI and the Reply in Question - Answer Format

Use RTI !!!