Friday, April 24, 2009

Publicity Expenditure of AP Govt !!

I filed an RTI in January 2009 to get the data for Year 2008 and am yet to get the complete information.

I filed an RTI earlier for data from april 2004 to september 2007. The details are in this blogpost

The Hindu carried an article on that data.

The expenditure then was 109 crores in total. Electronic media share was 6.8 crores (6% of total).

So going by those estimates, the publicity spending expenditure in the last 1.5 years might touch 290 crores or so (17 crores for electronic which is again 6%)

Here is the TOI article on the publicity expenditure of AP Govt (Electronic Media). Information on Print Media and Outdoor Publicity is pending.

Use RTI !!!

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Karthik Reddy said...

Awesome Rakesh, It is very impressive. I have been reading your blogs for quite some time. Very inspiring work. Keep it up Bro!!