Monday, March 23, 2009

60 tainted MLAs !!!! Welcome to Andhra Pradesh...

Whenever we talk of criminals & goondas in politics, Bihar and UP come to our mind. Now Andhra Pradesh is competing and trying hard to bag the coveted honour of being the state with most elected representatives with criminal charges against them.

As part of National Election Watch, in Andhra Pradesh, we released the list of sitting MLAs and MPs from Andhra Pradesh with criminal charges today.

(National Election Watch, AP is partnered and supported in the state by a very large number of NGOs and citizen groups in almost all districts.)
Mr Padmanabha Reddy, an RTI activist obtained information from all districts about the pending cases on sitting MLAs,MPs, MLCs and their kith & kin. It took him about 3 months and lot of effort to get this information.
As part of National Election Watch AP, me and Umesh digitized the data and did a thorough analysis of the same.
The data we released today is collected using the RTI act from all the districts. The status of these cases are as onDec 2008/Jan 2009 in most cases.

60 MLAs out of the 294 have pending criminal charges and 10 out of the 60 MPs (loksabha+rajyasabha) have pending criminal cases.

The congress released its list day before in which they gave tickets to 135 sitting MLAs. Out of this, 20 have pending criminal charges( this comes to a near 15% candidates with criminal charges). Out of the 25 sitting MPs who have been tickets, 3 of them have pending criminal charges.
The crimes are varied. Download the complete details here

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

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Welcome to Andhra Pradesh and its politics !!!!

Use RTI. It can dig out any information !!!

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