Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On RTI Campaign Trail..

I have been travelling to spread the RTI word. Was in suryapet in Nalgonda district on sunday (18th january) to attend the conference of RTI activists from 3 districts. I addressed them and spoke extensively on the commission's working and the loopholes. It was wonderful to meetup with so many activists working at the grass roots. Was overwhelmed by their stories of courage.

Meeting of RTI Activists in Suryapet in Nalgonda District on 19th January, 2009.

RTI Awareness workshops in Repalle in Guntur District on 20th December , 2008

Addressed 3 meetings on that day..

1. ABR Degree College - Repalle
2. Ramakrishna High School - Repalle
3. SVRM Degree College - Nagaram

In Surya Daily

Andhra Prabha




Andhra Jyothy

RTI Awareness workshop in Nellore on 13th December , 2008


USE RTI !!!!



Harinath Mallepally said...

You have been doing really great job, by spread word about RTI.

Though RTI implementation in our state is not too healthy, still it makes sense to make everyone aware of what their RIGHT is.

Rakesh said...

thanks harinath...

as u said, the first step is to make them aware..