Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hindu article on the IAS/IPS Officers IPRs - RTI

IAS/IPS officers’ assets: RTI plea rejected

K. Venkateshwarlu
Senior secretaries to discuss issue in New Delhi on Nov. 3

Unwarranted invasion of privacy, says State GAD

‘Rejection of RTI application is surprising’

HYDERABAD: Are IAS, IPS and IFS officers duty-bound to disclose their assets that could be kept in public domain much like the MP/MLAs earlier, and now the Supreme Court judges?

Even as a crucial meeting of senior secretaries scheduled on November 3 in New Delhi mulls over the subject, the State bureaucrats wait with bated breath for the outcome as not long ago, an RTI applicant’s plea on their asset reports was rejected by the State General Administration Department calling it among other things “unwarranted invasion of privacy”.

In the application filed under RTI Act, O.B. Debara of the United Forum of the RTI campaign, sought to know whether all India service officers of the State cadre who are members of Adarshnagar and Kohinoor Mutually Aided Co-operative Housing Societies filed their Immovable Property Reports (IPRs) during 2006-08, as per Rule 16 of All India Services (Conduct) Rules 1968.

He sought copies of their IPRs.

He also wanted to know action taken against those who had not complied with and whether they sought permission to buy land for housing on their names. But the Public Information Officer of the GAD rejected the application invoking Section 8 (1)(j) of RTI Act. The PIO stated that the applicant has not indicated any public interest to justify such disclosure and that the officers have objected to sharing of the information.


“This is in complete violation of spirit of the RTI Act and amounts to shielding of defaulters by their brethren,” said D. Rakesh Kumar of the Forum. They have now gone in appeal to State Information Commission (No. 2485/2009). “The rejection is surprising, as members of the two pillars of democracy -- judiciary and legislature -- could disclose their assets, why the third pillar -- the executive -- should resist it?” he asks.

After all, as public servants they were not above public scrutiny and cannot invoke right to privacy on issues of public concern. The objective behind making them file IPRs every year was to make them accountable and track their assets.

Similar cases

The Central Information Commission (CIC) and the Gujarat Information Commission in similar cases have categorically stated that IPRs of the All India Service officers have to be in the public domain and cannot be exempted under Section 8(1)(j) of RTI Act.

The Supreme Court too had held that “when there is a competition between the Right to Privacy and the Right to Information of the citizens, the former right has to subordinate the latter as it serves larger public interest”.

Use RTI !!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Details of "United Forum for RTI Campaign - AP's" Press Meet Held on 20th October 2009

We held a press meet yesterday to let the people know as to how the IAS officers were refusing to provide information on the Immovable Property Reports that they submit to the Govt every year.

Check the following,

1. Press Note
2. CIC Decision in a similar issue

3. Supreme Court Judgement clarifying
"Right to Privacy Vs Right to Information"
4. Gujarat Information Commission Decision in a similar case.

Below are the news stories in the Local Press today,

Surya Daily



Andhra Bhoomi

Andhra Jyothy

Use RTI !!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIMs and their best kept SECRET !!!

Note: Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive for all documents.
The supreme court and the CJI have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. They have been vehemently arguing that they are not covered under RTI. The IIMs are following suit. IIMA replied to my RTI application.

In their reply, they said the following;
1. The contract and other documents cannot be given since they are barred under Sec 8(1)(d) of the RTI act.
2. The HRD ministry is not funding this.
3. 14 companies applied for the contract.

Sec 8(1)(d) of the RTI act says,
"(d) information including commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property, the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third party, unless the competent authority is satisfied that larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information"

The reply cannot be more absurd. I immediately filed a complaint with the Central Information Commission and also filed a 1st Appeal. Important portions of the complaint are as follows,

"This complaint is as per Sec 18(b), 18(e) and 18(f) of the RTI act.

I filed an RTI application with CPIO of IIMA on 5th September 2009 which was received by the CPIO of IIMA on 9th September 2009. The information requested was regarding the awarding of contract of Ms Prometric for Conducting Online CAT and relevant tender copies submitted by all bidders. The CPIO of IIMA refused to provide information to points 3,4,5 and 6 of my application citing Sec 8(1)(d) of the RTI act. I would like to bring to your notice that this is a blatant violation of the RTI act and is completely contrary to the norms set by the Honourable CIC and the Jharkhand High court in these cases. Tender documents are public documents once the tender is awarded. They do not hamper the competitiveness since the process is over. They actually provide citizens information to evaluate the systems of governance and how they decide on such contracts. The Jharkhand High court Bench in its judgement on 8th August 2007 (a copy of the judgement is attached to this complaint) has categorically stated that tender documents are no more a secret once the tender is finalised. They have to be in the public domain and Sec 8(1)(d) does not apply.

Even in an earlier order of the CIC - Appeal No CIC/WB/C/2006/00176 (a copy is attched) the commission has stated the following,

“A contract with a public authority cannot be categorised as “confidential” after completion. Even if some confidentiality is involved, public interest in a matter of the nature of the present case will warrant disclosure. Had it been a case of quotations, bid or tender or any other information prior to conclusion of a contract, it could be categorized as trade secret, but once concluded the confidentiality of such transactions cannot be claimed. Any public authority claiming exemption must be put to strictest proof that the exemption is justifiably claimed.”

Even the Jharkhand High court bench Judgement says the same thing,
“Section 8(1)(d) is relevant so far instant case is concerned which, inter alia, provides that the authority may refuse to give information relating to commercial confidence, trade secret or intellectual property, disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third party, unless the competent authority is satisfied that larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information. The question, therefore, that falls for consideration is as to whether disclosure of various documents submitted by the bidders is a trade secret or commercial confidence or intellectual property. Prima facie, we are of
the view that once a decision is taken in the matter of grant of tender, there is no justification to keep it secret. People have a right to know the basis on which the decision has been taken. If tenders are invited by the public authority and on the basis of tender documents, the eligibility of a tender or a bidder is decided, then those tender documents cannot be kept secret, that too, after the tender is decided and work order is issued on the ground that it will amount to disclosure of trade secret or commercial confidence. If the
authorities of Government refuse to disclose the document, the very purpose of the Act will be frustrated. Moreover, disclosure of information, sought for by the petitioner, cannot and shall not be a trade secret or commercial confidence; rather disclosure of such information shall be in public interest, inasmuch as it will show the transparency in the activities of the Government.”

This is a contract involving huge amount of Public Money (to the tune of 40 Million USD as per news reports). The IIMs being the best management institutes of the country cannot hide in the veil of secrecy. This does not augur well for the country or its elite institutions and will definitely have an effect on the kind of students it trains that will take this country into the next generation."

There are two interesting things to note here,
1. Its common sense that tender and bid documents are public documents once the tender is finalised. Then why did the IIM make this basic mistake? Is there pressure from somewhere?
2. If the HRD ministry is not funding this, then where are IIMs getting money from? Specially when the number of CAT Takers has come down to nearly 2 Lakhs. The application fees for CAT gives the IIMs only 28-30 crores. Then where is the rest of the money coming from?

These are questions the IIMs need to answer. Its upto them if they want to hide in the veil of secrecy specially when they say they are the best.

They may be the best in the business, but their "Best kept Secret" will not hide for long. There is a constitution in this country and they will have to fall in line sooner than later.

Use RTI !!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

IIMs - Online CAT - RTI

Update 2: After a lot of complaints and criticism from students, IIMs have decided to allow editing of personal profile and application data. This common sense should have prevailed in the first place. Lot of students have bought more then one voucher just because there was no scope for editing.

Correcting your Application Data

Candidates will be allowed to edit their Personal Profile and their Application Data in about a week's time leading upto the end of the registration window. The exact date and instructions shall be announced in a few days from now.

Please logon to for updates.

Update 1: A friend has just sent this article about Prometric outsourcing the job of providing test centers to NIIT at an estimated cost of 50-55 crores. ( Thanks Sai Chand for pointing to this article)

This looks intersting. Then all the more important to know how these 200 crores was arrived at. Is prometric just developing content and software and getting 150 crores?? Think of it.

CAT is going online from this year. Prometric has bagged the contract of conducting this test at an unprecedented scale. The contract is worth $40 million dollar ( nearly 200 crore rupees). The contract details were never made public and it was never clear what would prometric use the money for. The press statement from Prometric says the following,

"In assuming responsibility for all aspects of the CAT program, including item authoring, test development, test administration and scoring and reporting services, Prometric will add resources, including dedicated test development and support staff, in India."

So i thought that they would add new test centers with brand new infrastructure. 200 crores is huge and it is only natural that a major chunk would be spent on infrastructure. I filed an RTI with IIMA to know what all the contract entails and a lot of other details regarding the tendering process. I am waiting for the reply.

In the meantime, the test sites were declared. To the shock of all students, out of 8 centers in Hyderabad, 7 of them are away from the city at an average distance of 25kms from the city. One center is almost 40kms away from the city. The students are asked to report to the center 2 hours prior to the test time which means students have to be at the centers by 8am. Hyderabad is the only center for Andhra Pradesh and how will students from other parts of the state come to hyderabad and reach the test centers which are not very accessible and there are no proper public transport facilities. It beats my mind as to how did they decide on these centers and did they even consider student convenience as a parameter. Indian Express carried an article on this today.

The registration website of CAT 2009 has also come under severe criticism from students. Lot of students have bought the vouchers twice spending double the amount only because the student profile is uneditable. It just looks like a money making exercise. How can a 200 crore contract be like this? and whose money is it? Some of the questions that come to my mind are...

1. What is prometric using this money for?
2. Why did they select test centers that are so far away?
3. Did they take into consideration the student convenience?
3. Since they are creating any new infrastructure, where is all this money going?
4. How transparent is this deal?
5. How can a student profile be non editable?

All these questions need answers. Hopefully the RTI reply would provide some answers.

IIMs may be among the best institutes in the country, but its high time they come clear on this deal and make everything public. After all, its the taxpayer's money...

Use RTI !!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Osmania Government Hospital and RTI !!

Osmania General Hospital is the biggest government hospital in Andhra Pradesh. It caters to an estimated number of 8000 patients per day on an average. Unfortunately the conditions in the hospital are appalling to say the least. Large Majority of the patients who come to the hospital are poor and those who cannot afford the luxury of going to a private hospital.

Suresh Deepala is a young law student volunteering with AID India. He has been volunteering at the hospital with some of this friends trying to help destitutes get admission in the hospital and then rehabilitating them. He has been after me asking me how do we better the functioning of the system and make sure the conditions change at the hospital. I suggested we can start with RTI. We filed an RTI on some basic details relating to the hospital. The application was a bit lengthy with 29 questions in all. The application was a result of many hours of reading the functionary manuals by suresh. I probably rejected the questions he framed 3-4 times before finalizing on this one. We had a good time understanding this and my constant rejections did not deter suresh from reframing them and he is now framing questions on other issues very well :)

This is what he had to say about his plans and about the RTI in a mail,

" I filed this RTI with the help of Rakesh of Bhumi. I had been working on the sick people lying around the premises of the hospital. After seeing the conditions and reality as to how the Hospital is reaching the poor and indigenous patients who come to hospital from all over the state with the hope of cure to the their ailment, an interest developed in me to work towards the hospital systematization. I didnt have any idea as to which way to go ahead. That is how, I met Rakesh who said RTI could be the tool to show us the way up ahead to work on the hospital's systematization and to make the hospital liable for the issues in the Hospital. He also told me to get to know the role, responsibility and the functionaries of the everybody employed in the Hospital. That is how, I got the functionary manual of all the staff of the Hospital. After going through that, we decided to start filing the RTI's on the various issues of the hospital and that is how we filed this first RTI in Both Osmania and Gandhi Hospitals. We received the reply from the Osmania hospital and are waiting for the Gandhi Hospital's reply.
Our intent of sharing this RTI with u all is to show you how the Hospital management has escaped from furnishing the genuine hospital information and to tell u all to go to Hospital whenever possible and see weather the Hospital stands to what it replied in the RTI. We also welcome anyone who is interested work on the issue.

D. Suresh kumar, AID India"

Frankly speaking, I did not expect a response from the hospital. To my surprise, they did reply and even co-ordinated between different departments to provide the information. But the disappointing aspect of this whole thing is the way they answered the questions. Even then, the RTI has given some interesting and useful information. We are discussing the future plan. I will keep the blog updated with the plans. For now, please look at the application and the reply.

Download the RTI application and the Reply from here,

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

RTI Application to Osmania Hospital

Reply to the RTI application by the hospital administration

RTI and the Reply in Question - Answer Format

Use RTI !!!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

One more RTI Success Story. The revolution lives on...

The government is least interested in RTI and its promotion. But this has not deterred activists. Many of us have been working to popularize the act. I keep doing workshops and did one on 22nd sep 2008 in Hyderabad Infosys Campus. Since then, infoscions have been writing to me asking if they can use RTI for their issues. One such issue was with Siva who had a tough time getting his income tax refund. Here is a excerpt from a mail he wrote me a couple days ago,

Hi Rakesh,

I am very glad to inform you that at last I have received the IT refund cheque from Gurgaon, Haryana. Your help has been exemplary in this regard, for which I am always grateful. I will send across the scanned copies of the letters I have received from them.

Thank you very much for your continuous help on this.

An excerpt from a mail he wrote to his colleagues at Infosys,

Hi All,

It’s my pleasure to inform you all that I have got my Income Tax refund which has been pending for past 3 years. This would not have been possible without the help of RTI . I have gotten exemplary help from Murali (copied on the mail) and Rakesh (; external consultant, who conducted an RTI session in Infosys campus, Hyderabad). Rakesh has been constantly helping me out clarifying all my queries and sharing the relevant templates that can be used.

Background: I have filed my IT returns in 2006 (for the year 2005-06) in Gurgaon, Haryana thru an agent. Despite of my continuous follow-ups with the agent, nothing has happened. After a year of follow-up with him I have given up. Finally when I came to know about the RTI from Murali, I have decided to put this in action. However, it took me three months time to finally send the RTI letter to the Income Tax office, Gurgaon. Natural laziness :)

- I have sent the first RTI letter to IT Office, Gurgaon on 3rd of March 2009.

- I got an acknowledgement from them after three weeks informing that they have opened a case for this with a copy to the Appellate authority. Appellate authority is the escalation point.

- I waited till May 3rd week to see any response from them. After seeking the advice from Rakesh, I have sent the escalation letter to the Appellate authority on May 23rd 2009.

- I have gotten the refund cheque on 1st June 2009 in reply to the escalation :)

- RTI Zindabad!


1. Prepare the RTI letter with your information. Take a photocopy of it after you sign it (this is for your records).

2. Purchase an IPO (Indian Postal Order) for 10/-. It should be on the name of "Accounts Officer" of the Local Income Tax office where you will be submitting the application. Keep a photocopy of the IPO too for your records. DD also will do.

3. Send the original RTI letter along with the original IPO, and photocopy of the IT returns thru registered post with acknowledgement. (keep the regd. post receipt issued by the post office for your records). Speed post also will do. Please do not use couriers service.

4. It should be sent to CENTRAL PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER, Income Tax Office, { Address of Income tax office}

5. You should receive an acknowledgement informing that they have opened a case for this. This should also contain the information on who is the Appellate authority.

6. As I understand, ideally we should be hearing from them within 30 days after we send it, however, you can wait for 30 days from the date you get the acknowledgement.

7. After 30 days, if you do not hear from them, please use the escalation channel.

8. What I have done here is, I have prepared the letter using the template (RTI-Income Tax-1st appeal template.doc) and sent it thru regd. post to the Appellate authority along with the photocopies of the RTI letter that I have sent initially, photocopy of the IT returns, photocopy of the acknowledgement that I have received in the step 5 above.

9. With this you should all be set and get the refund."

Letter Received from the Income Tax department

Just goes to show what all you can achieve using RTI. You just need to have some patience and faith. System will change, only when we unite and start questioning.

IT refund was pending for more than 3 years. What all siva did was to use a piece of paper to write an RTI application and after 2 months, he received the refund along with the interest.

One more RTI Success story. The revolution lives on....

Use RTI !!!! It can do wonders and can make the Government work the way it is supposed to work.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Publicity Expenditure of AP Govt !!

I filed an RTI in January 2009 to get the data for Year 2008 and am yet to get the complete information.

I filed an RTI earlier for data from april 2004 to september 2007. The details are in this blogpost

The Hindu carried an article on that data.

The expenditure then was 109 crores in total. Electronic media share was 6.8 crores (6% of total).

So going by those estimates, the publicity spending expenditure in the last 1.5 years might touch 290 crores or so (17 crores for electronic which is again 6%)

Here is the TOI article on the publicity expenditure of AP Govt (Electronic Media). Information on Print Media and Outdoor Publicity is pending.

Use RTI !!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Tainted Netas from AP - Phase1 of Loksabha Elections..

We released the data for phase1 of Loksabha elections from AP for the 22 constituencies. 315 candidates are contesting in the elections. This is the gist of the analysis,

  • 34 Candidates face criminal charges (Nearly 11%)
  • 64 Candidates own assets worth more than a Crore rupees ( 20%)
  • 34% of the candidates are below 40 years.
  • 62 Candidates have not specified their educational qualification.
  • TDP Candidate from Khammam Mr Nama Nageswara Rao heads the list of richest contestants in phase1 with a net worth close to 174 crores.
  • 82% of the Candidates from the congress party own assets worth more than a crore rupees.
  • 5 out of 11 candidates from TDP face criminal charges. (Nearly 45 %)
  • More than 50% of the affidavits do not reveal the complete information that a voter needs to know about their candidates.
  • Close to 50% of the candidates are graduates or higher.
  • We have also found that some candidates have flouted the existing law of the land like the ‘Land Ceiling Act’.

Download the data and analysis here,

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

1. The Press Release

2. Data Analysis

3. Details of Criminal charges

Go through the following sites,

Press Coverage

Times of India

The Hindu

Deccan Chronicle

Mail Today

Indian Express


Andhra Jyothy


There is more to follow in the coming da

Monday, March 23, 2009

60 tainted MLAs !!!! Welcome to Andhra Pradesh...

Whenever we talk of criminals & goondas in politics, Bihar and UP come to our mind. Now Andhra Pradesh is competing and trying hard to bag the coveted honour of being the state with most elected representatives with criminal charges against them.

As part of National Election Watch, in Andhra Pradesh, we released the list of sitting MLAs and MPs from Andhra Pradesh with criminal charges today.

(National Election Watch, AP is partnered and supported in the state by a very large number of NGOs and citizen groups in almost all districts.)
Mr Padmanabha Reddy, an RTI activist obtained information from all districts about the pending cases on sitting MLAs,MPs, MLCs and their kith & kin. It took him about 3 months and lot of effort to get this information.
As part of National Election Watch AP, me and Umesh digitized the data and did a thorough analysis of the same.
The data we released today is collected using the RTI act from all the districts. The status of these cases are as onDec 2008/Jan 2009 in most cases.

60 MLAs out of the 294 have pending criminal charges and 10 out of the 60 MPs (loksabha+rajyasabha) have pending criminal cases.

The congress released its list day before in which they gave tickets to 135 sitting MLAs. Out of this, 20 have pending criminal charges( this comes to a near 15% candidates with criminal charges). Out of the 25 sitting MPs who have been tickets, 3 of them have pending criminal charges.
The crimes are varied. Download the complete details here

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

Press Coverage of the press conference,

Times of India

Indian Express

The Hindu


Deccan Chronicle


Andhra Jyothy




Welcome to Andhra Pradesh and its politics !!!!

Use RTI. It can dig out any information !!!

Karimnagar Meeting of RTI Activists

Download the article from here

(Open the link and then download the document from Sky Drive)

Use RTI !!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Want to be the worst at everything you do??? Learn from the "AP Information Commission" !!!

The title of this post speaks for itself. I will only try to present some facts to corroborate the title.


The AP Information Commission declared Sankranti Vacation from 'Friday the 2nd January, 2009 to Friday the 16th January, 2009 (both days inclusive)'. This is what the Notification said,

Under Regulation 6 of the A.P. Information Commission Management Regulations, 2007, the Chief Information Commissioner, APIC hereby notifies the Sankranti Vacation for the A.P. Information Commission shall be from Friday the 2nd January, 2009 to Friday the 16th January, 2009 (both days inclusive), co-terminus with the vacation of the Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh.

Nothing strange in the commission declaring holidays. Then what is all this fuss about?
The Management regulations cited in the notification allow for only 4 days of Vacation for Sankranti. Then how come the commission declared itself a vacation spanning 2 weeks? This is what Regulation 6 says,

The Commission will have summer vacation of 4 weeks during May/June, Dasara vacation of 4 days during the month of October/ November and Sankranthi vacation of 4 days in the month of January, as notified by the Chief Information Commissioner from time to time. The office of the Commission will, however, remain open during vacation except on gazetted holidays.

The commission has had summer and dusshera holidays as per the regulation. Not sure where these extra holidays came from.

Probably these holidays include last year's sankranti vacation too !!!

1. Summer Holidays : 5th May to 6th June, 2008.
2. Dusshera Holidays: 3rd October to 10th October, 2008.
3. Sankranti Holidays: 2nd January to 16th January, 2009.

Already the average waiting time for an appeal to be heard in the commission is 3-4 months. The number of pending appeals is increasing by the day. Instead of cutting short on holidays and working towards deciding on pending appeals, the commission declares extra holidays that are not even in their own Management regulations.


An RTI activist from Guntur called me up a few days ago and was complaining about the commission. There is nothing new in this. But he was furious about the fact that his appeal related to 'Endowments' was transferred to A. Subba Rao overnight whereas the letter he received was from Mr Arha. The commission staff told him that Endowments as a department is now being handled by Subba Rao. This was a surprise for me and apparently this change is in effect for quite some time now.

I called up the deputy secretary of the commission immediately and asked him if is true. He said that endowments is now handled by Subba Rao. Then i asked him why the website is not updated even when the change was done quite some time ago. I picked up on this and added "Information Commission itself is misleading people with false information". Since am a familiar name in the commission, he was somewhat worried about what i would do and hence promised that the website would be updated. In a few hours time, i received a call from him again and he asked me to check the website now. The website now reflects the changes in the work distribution.

It took me a call and a little bit of anger to change a simple thing in the commission !!!


The AP Information Commission is now allotted 1 Acre Land in Gachibowli that is worth Rs 10 Crore. The commission has requested that land and will now construct its own building there.

Download the GO here

Not even 10 Lakh rupees are spent on publicizing RTI, but the commission needs prime land in the city outskirts that too in the software hub. Had the Govt spent even 10% of that amount (Rs 1 crore) on publicizing RTI, it would have been much more beneficial than giving land to an ineffective and inept commission !!

Applicants from across the state are already finding it difficult to commute to Hyderabad and stay here for a hearing in the commission. This problem will only get accentuated when the commission's premises shifts to the outskirts.

Dont you think the title is fully justified now? Its getting worse by the day and we cannot just sit back and relax. Time to do some serious stuff against the commission and its working !!!

Use RTI !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Satyam - Maytas Saga and RTI !!!

Me and fellow RTI activist Umesh chanced upon some interesting information when Umesh filed an RTI on EWS (economically weaker sections housing). This was almost a month before Ramalinga Raju announced his resignation. Had we pursued it then itself, we would probably have unearthed the biggest corporate scam. Anyways better late than never.

The investigation by our group was started when we observed certain companies (14) applying for land use change citing needs of SEZs being developed by Maytas Properties Pvt. Limited.

All these companies are represented by Rajus and all surprisingly have similar sounding names which raised doubts. We then decided to conduct our enquiry using public documents like those available with RoC and Revenue Department Land Records.

We held a press conference on 10th February, 2009 and below are the details.

(Open the link and then download the documents from Sky Drive)

1. The Press Invite

2. The Press Note

3. More details about the companies

The documents revealed the story behind and how even the regulatory agencies like the ROC did not find anything fishy in this apparent and brazen way of misleading people and the system.

Sample this one document and you will know what went on behind the scenes.
"B. Teja Raju (son of Ramalinga Raju) resigns from one company namely "Maytas Ventures SEZ" and interstingly quotes the name of an other company "Maytas Hill County SEZ" in the body of the letter"

The press meet was well attended and it was covered in both the National and Local dailies.

Indian Express

The Hindu

The Times of India

Andhra Jyothy




This is just a sample of what RTI can do.

Use RTI !!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On RTI Campaign Trail..

I have been travelling to spread the RTI word. Was in suryapet in Nalgonda district on sunday (18th january) to attend the conference of RTI activists from 3 districts. I addressed them and spoke extensively on the commission's working and the loopholes. It was wonderful to meetup with so many activists working at the grass roots. Was overwhelmed by their stories of courage.

Meeting of RTI Activists in Suryapet in Nalgonda District on 19th January, 2009.

RTI Awareness workshops in Repalle in Guntur District on 20th December , 2008

Addressed 3 meetings on that day..

1. ABR Degree College - Repalle
2. Ramakrishna High School - Repalle
3. SVRM Degree College - Nagaram

In Surya Daily

Andhra Prabha




Andhra Jyothy

RTI Awareness workshop in Nellore on 13th December , 2008


USE RTI !!!!