Sunday, October 19, 2008

Special Jury Award Winner @ the firstever “Citizen Journalist” Awards !!

The IBN Network has announced a new editorial initiative of CNN-IBN and IBN7; the Citizen Journalist Awards. These are the first ever Citizen Journalist Awards and I have been chosen for the Special Jury Award in the "Fightback" Category.

Not that this is a great achievement considering the fact the issue i am being awared for is a story that is still an unfinished... But this will definitely be an inspiration for me and lot of others.

Blog Story2

The stories on CNN - IBN,



Here are the weblinks of the awards,

CJ Awards

Fightback Category

Articles about the awards,

1. Agency FAQs


3. Indiatoday Online

4. Yahoo

5. AOL

The Citizen Journalist Awards Function would be telecast on October 25, at 9:30 pm with a repeat telecast on October 26, at 5 pm on CNN-IBN and on October 25, at 8 pm with a repeat telecast on October 26, at 10 pm on IBN7.

Do watch if you have time :)

PS: I am not 28 as is given in the awards link. I am just 25 and will turn 26 in December. Being Young Matters :)

Use RTI !!!

Jai Hind !!


anil.k said...
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anil.k said...

Congrats Rakesh for bagging the special jury mention award.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rakesh , its a great achievement and inspiration to many.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Rakesh. This is indeed a good achievement.


Ravinder Reddy said...

Congrats Rakesh..