Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bihar floods - Time to standup and contribute !!

You may have been hearing /reading/watching in almost every kind of media about the Flood situation in bihar and the havoc. Things are quite bad and its time we stand up and contribute in whatever way we can. Please go through this blog that brings the ground zero information everyday. You can get in touch with people listed on the blog and find ways of contributing.

Please contribute. Its about time we did.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The AP State Information Commission and its Story!!!

Activists across the country are of the opinion that the information commissions are soon becoming a bureaucratic wing rather then being the watchdogs and the custodians of the act. We all know they are not working as they are supposed to. They have the powers of a civil court. They can penalize govt officials up to Rs 250/- per day which will be deducted from the salary of the government official. They can recommend disciplinary action. They can even order compensation be given to the applicant.

Even though they have all these powers, they are not exercising them. Me and a fellow RTI activist Umesh decided to do an objective study on the Andhra Pradesh State Information Commission's working. The report was possible only because of 400 hours of volunteer effort. Kudos to Bhaskar Yella, David King, Harinath Mallepally, Prasanthi Uppalapati, Raghavendra Turaga, Santoshi Rani, Suresh Ediga, Shukti Das and Suman Panjala. I am also thankful to the state committee of the United Forum for RTI Campaign – AP, its conveners Sri B Ramakrishnam Raju and Sri N Nagendra Babu for their guidance and support and for publishing the report.

The report was released on 2nd August,2008. You can download the report from here..

This is a first of its Kind Report in the entire country and a lot of activists in other states have started this exercise based on this report.

It was covered in the press quite well.

1. The Hindu

2. Times of India

3. TV 5

4. In Eenadu

Let me know what you make of this report.