Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Publicity Splurge!!! The Story gets Interesting.....

After I received the first bit of information, I remembered that I had also asked for the publicity expenditure on print media and Electronic Media. They had not given that information. So the for the last 2 days, I was busy roaming around the office of the "Commissiner, I & PR". After 3 hours of successful roaming around, the information is finally here,

2004-05: Rs 20,00,66,000/-
2005-06: Rs 25,79,24,000/-
2006-07: Rs 21,26,05,000/-
2007-08: Rs 18,36,37,000/-

Total: Rs 85,42,32,000/- (85.42 Crore Rupees)


2004-05: Rs 1,17,43,300/-

2005-06: Rs 1,22,72,632/-

2006-07: Rs 2,64,47,937/-

2007-08: Rs 1,72,89,679/-

Total: Rs 6,77,53,548/- ( 6.78 Crore Rupees)

And by God's grace, they spent Rs 7,11,504 (7.12 Lakh Rupees) on Tv ads for the promotion of RTI act.

Wowwww.....What a magnanimous gesture!! And the spending on RTI is comparable to the promotion of the programmes like
"YSR's USA tour - Rs7,60,127 (Rs 7.6 Lakh Rupees)"
" Prawasi Bharatiya Diwas - Rs 7,54,488 (Rs 7.54 Lakh Rupees)"

YSR's USA tour’ promotion is as important , if not more important than the promotion of the RTI!!!


1. Outdoor Publicity - Rs 16,75,58,717 (Rs 16.76 Crore Rupees)

2. Electronic Media - Rs 6,77,53,548 (Rs 6.78 Crore Rupees)

3. Print Media - Rs 85,42,32,000 (Rs 85.42 Crore Rupees)

Total - Rs 108,95,44,265 (Rs 108.96 Crore Rupees)

And do you know the share of RTI promotion in these 109 crores....its Rs 7.12 Lakh Rupees. In percentage terms its 0.065%

We must all thank the Government and Mr YSR for all the wonderful work they are doing!!!
109 crores of public money spent on publicity and still counting!!!

Time to wake up and take note. Lest the state coffer will soon be empty!!!

Use RTI...


Hema said...

dont u think it was less when Mr.Chandra babu was on rule, i feel its just triple times the present publicity amount numbers..

Rakesh said...

Its not about YSR or Naidu...politicians or more or less the same..its about the utter lack of vision and priority...if u are doing very good work, media will automatically write stories...you dont need to spend 109 crores for publicizing..and it is your money,my money,our money that is being spent without our consent or knowledge...

You spent the same amount on promoting your Trip to the US and RTI..that is evidence enough of your utter lack of vision and priority..hope i am clear...

Hema said...

ok..dont mind that , i have actually got this topic diverted, and of course let me clarify that i am not a supporter of any of these political figures..

the figures that u have projected,made me re-think that whats happening ..should say frankly i never even minded before at any time , but seems to be this is an eye - opener for many to actually know the facts..

once again thanks for the info and do continue with ur good work..

Ashok said...

Rakesh you keep me inspired all the time. Great going buddy.
Good luck.

Sumanth said...

That's really rocking... RocK-esh....

Anonymous said...


Good Job,
I think the numbers look low, have they provided details on these expenditure?

Rakesh said...

They did.