Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Publicity Splurge!!! The Story gets Interesting.....

After I received the first bit of information, I remembered that I had also asked for the publicity expenditure on print media and Electronic Media. They had not given that information. So the for the last 2 days, I was busy roaming around the office of the "Commissiner, I & PR". After 3 hours of successful roaming around, the information is finally here,

2004-05: Rs 20,00,66,000/-
2005-06: Rs 25,79,24,000/-
2006-07: Rs 21,26,05,000/-
2007-08: Rs 18,36,37,000/-

Total: Rs 85,42,32,000/- (85.42 Crore Rupees)


2004-05: Rs 1,17,43,300/-

2005-06: Rs 1,22,72,632/-

2006-07: Rs 2,64,47,937/-

2007-08: Rs 1,72,89,679/-

Total: Rs 6,77,53,548/- ( 6.78 Crore Rupees)

And by God's grace, they spent Rs 7,11,504 (7.12 Lakh Rupees) on Tv ads for the promotion of RTI act.

Wowwww.....What a magnanimous gesture!! And the spending on RTI is comparable to the promotion of the programmes like
"YSR's USA tour - Rs7,60,127 (Rs 7.6 Lakh Rupees)"
" Prawasi Bharatiya Diwas - Rs 7,54,488 (Rs 7.54 Lakh Rupees)"

YSR's USA tour’ promotion is as important , if not more important than the promotion of the RTI!!!


1. Outdoor Publicity - Rs 16,75,58,717 (Rs 16.76 Crore Rupees)

2. Electronic Media - Rs 6,77,53,548 (Rs 6.78 Crore Rupees)

3. Print Media - Rs 85,42,32,000 (Rs 85.42 Crore Rupees)

Total - Rs 108,95,44,265 (Rs 108.96 Crore Rupees)

And do you know the share of RTI promotion in these 109 crores....its Rs 7.12 Lakh Rupees. In percentage terms its 0.065%

We must all thank the Government and Mr YSR for all the wonderful work they are doing!!!
109 crores of public money spent on publicity and still counting!!!

Time to wake up and take note. Lest the state coffer will soon be empty!!!

Use RTI...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Publicity Splurge!!! Become the CM, use 'Public Money' for Personal Publicity.....

I always wondered if govt was doing enough for RTI awareness and publicity. So how to unravel this mystery?? File an RTI to find out how much money was spent on RTI publicity Vis a vis other Govt programmes. What an irony!!! RTI to findout something about RTI...

I did file one and as always, the usual running around for a couple of months. And finally i obtained the information...just go through them and you are in for a wonderful treat!!!

Publicity Expenditure on various Govt programmes from June 2004 to October 2007

1. Nandi Natakotsavam-Hoardings - Rs 38,12,000/-
2. 10th National Youth Festival, Rajiv Nagarabaata -
Bus Shelters,Digital Prints- Rs 13,26,000/-
3. Krishna Pushkarams-CCTV- Rs 90,000/-
4. Hon'ble CM's Message- Flute Boards- Rs 10,64,000/-
5. Govt Developmental schemes - Rs 1,59,00,000/-
6. Rajiv Pallebaata - Rs 42,35,250/-
7. Nee Gunde Balaaniki prabuthvam andagaa nilustundi- Rs 13,94,930/-
8. Jalayagnam- Rs 60,00,525/-
9. Rajiv Nagarabaata - Rs 26,41,000/-
10. Modati Vidata laskha ekaraala bhu pampini (1 lakh acres of Land distribution to poor-phase1) - Rs 29,34,735/-
11. Generic - Pamphlets (5,60,000)- Rs 5,07,500/-
Posters (65000)- Rs 2,93,500/-


1. Rajiv Nagarabaata,kalachakra, 1 lakh land distribution-Hoardings-Rs 3,34,82,000/- Bus shelters-Rs 44,46,000/-
2. Govt Dev programmes- Pillar Boards-Rs 1,72,25,000/-
3. Completion of one year- Flex scrolls- Rs 33,50,000/-
4. Publicity in urban areas- Translites- Rs 9,00,000/-
5. Kalachakra- Flex Boards- Rs 2,75,000/-
6. Chinnarula Gundeku kotha oopiri,Mahilalaku andagaa YSR, Neeti Kosam YSR tapassu - Rs 2,09,715/-
7. Rendo Vidata laskha ekaraala bhu pampini (1 lakh acres of Land distribution to poor-phase2) - Rs 57,45,988/-
8. Generic- Pamphlets (10,00,000)- Rs 9,00,000/-
Posters (62000)- Rs 2,66,600/-

1. Indiramma Rajyam-Intinta Sowbhagyam,
Govt Dev programmes-Hoardings-Rs 98,27,000/-
2. Indiramma Rajyam, Haj Publicity in rural areas-
Bus shelters,Wall paintings,Bus paints,Pillar Boards etc- Rs 3,15,65,000/-
3. Palleseema Kaavali paadipantala sowbhagyaseema- Rs 23,50,789/-
4. Jalayagnam - Rs 45,48,185/-
5. Generic- Pamphlets - Rs 0/-
Posters (450000) - Rs 13,50,000/-

1. Rededication Day (Punarankitha dinam)-Hoardings,Bus shelters etc -Rs 69,28,000/-
2. Jalayagnam & Indiramma Rajyam-Megadoot post cards- Rs 2,00,000/-
3. World Military Games- Hoardings- Rs 17,49,000/-
4. Haj Yatra - Hoardings- Rs 8,86,000/-
5. Generic - Pamphlets(2,00,000)- Rs 1,80,000/-
Posters (3,25,000)- Rs 9,75,000

All in all...16.76 crore rupees. What a gargantuan waste of public Money ??? Do you see the yearly celebrations and the money spent on Rededication day (on the occasion of the successful completion of the third year in power)?? Not sure what they were rededicating to(rededicating to more corruption!!)

And what an image building exercise for the CM and see the names of the campaigns.
'Mahilalaku andagaa YSR' 'Neeti Kosam YSR tapassu'

And as expected, they spent a BIG ZERO on RTI and its publicity. And understandable i guess. RTI is their enemy. The enemy of corruption. Am i right??

So..easiest way to fame..become the CM..spend public money for your image building!!!

Use RTI!!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The "STUDY" Tours Continue!!!

Here's the list as on today..i keep receiving letters everyday...so will keep adding to the list...result of 6 months of dogged pursual...


1. Malaysia - Rs 25,717 /-
To attend malaysia telugu association interactive session for investments(2006)

2. China - Rs 2,43,252 /-
To get exposure and to understand the concept of high rise buildings in cities and interaction with builders(2006)

Central Power distribution company of AP Ltd

1. South Africa
2. Singapore
3. South Korea
4. Korea(Goyang)

AP Mineral Development Corporation Ltd

Russia- Rs 11,94,834/-

Team lead by Sabita Indra Reddy and Botcha Satyanarayana- For inspection of the technical capabilities of the companies M/s Stork Handelsges and M/s VSMPO-AVISMA corporation and investment oppurtunities for exploitation of heavy mineral beach sand deposits in srikakulam district under joint venture

AP Transco and Discoms

1. China - Rs 39,975/-
2. Germany - Rs 1,65,200/-
3. Brazil - Rs 4750/- (with Rs 4750 ppl went to brazil and came back!!!)
4. USA - Rs 67,487 /-

Southern Power Distribution Company of AP Ltd

1. Thailand
HV Distribution System

2. Italy

To assess the feasibility of implementing SP financial solutions for the APSPDCL - tirupati

3. Switzerland- Rs 82,954 /-
Training on different meter testing equipments and exposure to other latest testing equipments of MTEAG, Switzerland

AP State Police Housing Corporation Ltd

1. Australia - Rs 3,72,253 /-
Intensive Training programe on "Good Urban governance, sustainable Development and poverty alleviation

2. Canada - Rs 2,12,259/-
Delivery of Housing and related Infrastructure at world Urban Forum- III

AP Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd

1. Russia - Rs 2,00,000 /-
International Trade Fair world autumn- Chairman Bandaru Anjan Raju visited

2. Italy- Rs 2,52, 000/-
International Trade Fair artigiano fiera -Chairman Bandaru Anjan Raju visited

Do they convey something????