Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Complaint and the after effect!!!

Recently, my HR representative in the company called me up and was telling me this…. “Our sales guys met a senior IAS officer and he was complaining about you. You seem to be filing RTI applications in all departments and are using the company business card, official mail ID and even wearing our t-shirt when you roam around in the secretariat.” I told him in very clear terms that I never used my official mail ID. And as far as the t-shirt and business card are concerned, I was not aware that the T-shirt is to be worn only in office!!! And I exchange business card only with I people I know. I told him that this is a much bigger issue and they are trying to suppress my fundamental right by doing this.

The bureaucrat may be of the opinion that this will pull me back and show restraint in future and since it’s to do with my job and all, their expectation is very much valid. May be they would like to hit the sales of my company. Little did they know that I am not that kind of a guy. The very next day, I filed 4 RTI applications in the secretariat. This time something to do with regularization of lands in Hyderabad- the real estate capital. A lot of ugly deals would be out when I get this info.

I think it’s a bigger issue than any individual and if the bureaucratic mindset is this way, then it needs to be changed. I asked my HR to share the name of that IAS officer. I have decided to take a legal course.

But for the moment, I will wear a Government manufactured KHADI shirt whenever I file an RTI application…Let them complain to the chief minister that somebody wearing a KHADI shirt is filing RTI Applications!!!!!!!