Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The CNN IBN Report

The report..

An other form of the report,

I am thinking of the followup action....

Use RTI!!!


Anonymous said...

gud job ra rakesh. i always believe you are that one person who will bring light into many peoples lives and will be an inspiration to many. i really feel privileged to be ur friend.


mystic rose said...

I am so glad(and inspired) to see this.. you know the reasons why. Its not just your work, it is that it will inspire more and more people to be as dynamic, and to fight for what is right.

wonderful work, rakesh, truly amazing. More power to you.

-m r

ramakrishna said...

Good work Rakesh.If every citizen is active like you,there is no need for us to blame politicians and Govt officials for our fate.All we need at this point of time is active citizenship and social awareness.I am always with you in this struggle.

Naresh Reddy said...

That is really amazing work raki. Truely speaking many of us dont even dare to dream about doing this great work. India definitely needs a persons like you, who understand the miseries of the poor formars ,rather than complaining about the lack of luxuries in modhapur. May God give you more power to achieve our dream

Rajesh said...

I was just watching TOI Lead advertisement "Tum chale tho Hindustan chale" yesterday and today have seen this.... You did really a great work man, surely this should inspire many others and do some good work like you... Keep going dude, great work Lead... You Rock....

Anonymous said...

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Ali said...

Amazing work bro, keep it up. You are an will be an inspiration for us all.

Anonymous said...

excellent work.. not just mere words u did it inaction, definitely makes a better person than rest of us those who complain or suggest way to improve the socieity.
Hats off to u.

Sai said...

Hi Rakesh,
Truly good work. To get your blog to more people and your inspirational work across.

check this site out.

it will be great if you can post some articles there also.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

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sreev said...

awesome work I must say .. Your efforts will galvanize more people into activism.

Srivyal Vuyyuri

Hemu said...

Awesome work as all said..
I say our country will be proud of you..
The burning inspiration it gives to all is above all..

Anonymous said...

Great job, Rakesh.

Best wishes,