Saturday, July 28, 2007

SARKAR Wages a Battle!!!!!!

Place: Andhra Pradesh

The injustice continues. Annadata is suffering.
Some chilling facts..From the analysis of the RTI info for 10 districts...
No of Genuine Suicides : 723
No of Non Genuine Suicides: 888
Even if a farmer falls ill and borrows money for medical expenses only because he has no other source of Livelihood, that debt not considered. The death will be counted as Non Genuine.

A rather disturbing revelation, Non genuine suicides have overtaken Genuine ones in the last couple of years!!!!!!!

A deceased farmer's Family has to wait for about 8 months on an average to get the compensation!!!!!

85% of the farmer's debts are with Money lenders. Banks are nowhere to be seen!!!!!!!!

For 60 farmers in Mahabubnagar district alone, it took over ONE year to give the relief fund, out of which 18 farmers got it after 1 1/2 Year and 5 farmers got it only after 2 years!!!!

Average percentage of money owed by farmer to private Money lender Vs nationalized bank and cooperatives is 85% to 15%.

Download the analysis from here...

The Hindu Story...


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Its time we act....
Use RTI !!!!!