Friday, July 14, 2006

ALL IN ONE...............

Its been a long time since i posted...I have so many issues to write on....which is why this all in one....


Life can change in a matter of hours or even seconds. And for me it is even more applicable as my life has taken a virtual U turn the moment i met Divya(BHUMI). What followed is as they say history. Now here I am ready to join BHUMI full time. Did i ever imagine even in my wildest dreams that we would design this country's future sitting in the lawns of necklace road. Every day you have crossed a new hurdle. A new achievement. Such is life. Now we r a BHUMI family sharing everything from happiness to worries to what not ice creams, ideas on how to develop INDIA. Each day has something new for us. New challenzes to look up to. We njoi each other's company. Though there r some dull moments(there shud be some for it is life),by and large we are all happy and geared up for all the challenzes ahead. Life's changed a lot for me. Earlier it used to be only me with all my ideas dumped into a side of my brain. Now you have few more to work with for the same cause and more importantly with the same passion and conviction. Soul mates is the general term used to describe us. I am not even in a position to imagine what is in store for me.........


"Had there been a waiver of debt of up to just Rs.25,000, more than 80 per cent of Vidharbha's farmers would no longer have owed the banks money"

writes P.Sainath in THE HINDU. he is one of my favourite writers. On the surface when i first heard abt the package , i was happy that some sense prevailed at last and the farmer is getting his due. But now as i closely look at it and look into the details of the package, it is only that the packing has changed but the contents are still the same. Some down points are
>there is no waiver of loans
>There is no advance bonus for cotton
>There are no concrete steps to provide irrigation facilities to more land
>There are no incentives for food crops like Jowar
>But there is encouragement for "seed replacement" which amounts to encouraging BT cotton and MNC's
> there is no help with seed or other inputs. Not even a promise of it.
>Since the principal amount has not been waived, the debt crisis will renew itself rapidly

sainath goes on saying,
"Nor did it announce a debt waiver though many in power know there is no escape from such a measure. Some government of India will have to do this at some point. Sure, it would draw flak and cries of `fiscal imprudence' from the ideologically devout. (Though, when tens of thousands of crores are written off for a handful of industrialists, that is barely reported. Unlike that pampered lot, farmers have landed where they are due to policies hostile to agriculture for over a decade.) "

As my previous post clearly shows what amount of loans are written off for industrialists(it is the official estimate by RBI), you can imagine the plight of the farmer.

Nothing is going to change unless there is a strong will to do something............

The Mumbai blasts again proved the devilish side of pakistan and proved that a dog's tail can never be straightened. The foreign minister of pakistan says "Till J n K is not resolved, this will continue"... On the other hand the pseudo secularists are out again to back the terrorists. Mulayam singh Yadav was one of the first ones backing SIMI. When you such ppl in your own country, how can you fight your enemy.

Of what use are the cultural exchanges,CBM's, Aman setu's, etc etc when you are reluctant to change your mindset and that devilish nature. Again i know that i will be called communal, but i will close this debate once for all saying that i am communal for all those who are pseudo secular.
I cannot physically go to mumbai and and condole the deaths. I am saluting the resilience of mumbaikars and Indians and the spirit of Humanity. I will write letters to the families of the bereaved. This is my way of expressing the grief.

We cannot wait for long. Once for all we may have to settle scores with pakistan.......


मंजिल पे आया मुल्क हर बला को टाल के
सदियों के बाद फिर उड़े बादल गुलाल के
हम लाए हैं तूफ़ान से कश्ती निकाल के
इस देश को रखना मेरे बच्चों सम्भाल के
In english....
The nation arrived at its destination, after surviving many calamities and
after several centuries, celebrated the freedom by throwing coloured powder
We (the older generation) have steered this ship during the terrible storms,
You, my children, keep this nation safe.
This was wriiten by poet pradeep describing the magical moment of freedom.....

On aug 15th,2006,00:00 hrs, a group of Bharat Mata's Children will start building a compound wall of a government school long neglected. This event will kick start in what is going to be a long journey in ensuring that this nations's safety,pride,future are in the safe hands of the young guns....Join the revolution....for you are not doing any service..but it is your responsibility...your time to payback MOTHER INDIA...for more details,contact or visit