Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was at the hydearbad airport to pay homage to K.Suryanarayana along with a couple of my friends at Bharat Uday Mission. I could not even imagine that there would be such a meek response from the general public. There were some 10-20 ppl from the general public and the rest were the media and officials. The media ppl were happily engrossed in their own world of TRP’s. No one was even showing minimum respect to the slain engineer. At one point, some of them were almost on the coffin in a bid to get clearer pictures for their repective channels. No one even chanted slogans of “Suryanarayana Amar Rahe”. Me and Ali(one of my friends at BM) were the only ones who chanted.
We as People have degraded morally. After this incident I feel that we as a nation (all one billion ppl) are culprits who are answerable to that family. What has that family to do with the foreign policy of a nation or all the diplomatic decisions? I proudly write that we are working for a developed INDIA But am I really doing justice? I really felt guilty yesterday. Can I do anything that will reduce the suffering of that family? What else can I do except shed a tear or two?(which i did)
Am I really doing justice to what I have vowed to do? Surely not……………

And coming to the media, I was never really expecting anything from the hopeless media. But there was hope. Atleast this time, they will understand the gravity of the situation. They will be more sensible. But again I was proved wrong. They rarely worry about anything other than their TRP’s. They were out in their numbers taking interviews of those young children who could not even understand the disaster that has struck. I may not really do anything that will help reduce the suffering of that family. But I was satisfied after I came back from the airport. Atleast I have discharged my moral responsibility……………………….