Sunday, April 09, 2006


May be emotions and tears go hand in hand. Some times tears flow out of my eyes spontaneously when i am emotional. few examples are "whenever i watch a story on the villages of india, whenever i watch a story of our centuries old traditions and culture still being alive (recent one being the story on SAMMAKKA & SARAKKA JATHARA) ,whenever i watch stories of poverty, whenever i watch stories of indian jawans,whenever i watch Sachin batting well etc........."

The MEDARAM Jathara that i earlier spoke of is the biggest tribal festival in the whole world. More than 60 lakhs attended the jathara this time.

Why do tears come out only in those situations?not sure, but in my case emotions and tears go hand in hand. But the exception may be the death one of my close friends when i couldn't stop crying.............

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