Monday, April 17, 2006


I was till a few days before an aamir fan because of his acting skills and the versatility he potrays in his characters and the theme of his films. But his new found conscience has forced me take some tough decisions. I will not watch any Aamir khan starrer till such time i am convinced with his "what my conscience says". It may look silly and non sensical. My ticket money may not make any difference to his revenues, but in just 2 days i could find abt 20 odd ppl echoing my views. Why did i take this decision?What prompted me take this decision?

It was in a filmy style that Aamir was driving through Jantar Mantar and he saw a few ppl protesting. He got down and asked what was going on. then he decided to support them. How funny? Any educated urban indian who was watching any kind of news for the last 15 days would be definitely aware that NBA is protesting there. And Aamir knew that only when he interacted with NBA activists.
One more important thing to be noted is , barely 10 meters from that place, few other ppl were protesting. these were the victims of the BHOPAL gas tragedy. These were also common ppl,poor ppl suffering for the last 20 years. But Sadly enough, Aamir's Conscience did not notice these ppl. May be his one eye was blinded that he was only able to see the NBA activists. If we was sincere in his activist avtar, he would also have shown solidarity to the Bhopal ppl. He surely has personal motives against gujarat and MOdi. Why is he being "CHOOSY" in protesting against injustice?Why can't he be sensitive enough to other issues as well if he is so much worried abt the suffering of the poor?

I am not protesting Aamir khan's support to NBA. I am protesting his hypocrisy,his double standards. He never visited any place that was struck by any natural disaster.He did not even take part in any ground work.

1. Why did aamir's so called conscience wake up only now?
2. Why did aamir never voice his concerns abt muslim youth joining terrorist organizations?Being a celebrity from that very community, his voice wil surely find some takers.
3. Why did aamir never spoke on any issue of national importance?
4. why is that aamir is realizing only now the devil side of coke (coke usurping ground water in plachimada)
5. why is that aamir's conscience woke up only now?Is it because the issue involves Narendra Modi and gujarat on the opposite side?
6. Why is that he only suggests MODI to love people more but not the terrorists from his own community who are killing innocent people?

And let me make it clear. I am not against Medha patkar or NBA. I support them and also want all the displaced to be properly rehabilitated.I am not even supporting BJP or congress workers who vandalised MEdha patkar's office. But my only concern is the hypocricy of AAmir khan. let him protest , but not publicize it. Protest on other also issues that are of concern. Let him work on the ground. Build schools in kutch or in places where the displaced are living(he sure has enough money). Dont just show it off on TV infront the of the self proclaimed watch dogs(the elite media). Dont go and inspect after 3 months. work there and monitor the rehabilitation activities.Take part in the rehabilitation work. Inspire others with your actions rather than by your "ACTING" . Support financially if you are truly willing. Look also at the woes of kashmiri pandits who are leading miserable lives on the streets and footapths of DELHI. May be one day your car will pass through those streets as well. I am also not protesting because he is a muslim. I will protest against any celebrity who is trying to get some cheap publicity in this way.

I am not a chauvinist. I am only warning ppl against ppl like aamir whose real intentions are something different.,who is trying to get some cheap publicity.(as i see it). I will be a happier person when aamir speaks up on issues on minorityism, pseudo secularism, terrorism etc. I will watch his movie that very day when he does that................................

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anu said...


I really appreciate the way you have demonstrated the so called " AAMIR'S recently found conscience".

Very much needed.