Friday, March 31, 2006


I should say i was really impressed by only one act that the UPA govt passed. That is RTI.
In my view RTI is the most powerful tool that ordinary citizens have to wake up the dormant bureaucracy and bring in more transparency in Govt departments. Here we will discuss,share and spread the word about RTI.

My petitions to date:
1. Peition with MCH on AICC plenary(reply received)
2. petition with Traffic police on fines collected (reply received)
3. petition with Traffic police on illegal parking at Bottles and chimneys in hyderabad
4. petition with School education dept of Andhra pradesh on the state of Govt schools in Hyderabad
5. petition with Mandal educational officer in warangal on the state of govt schools in warangal mandal.
6. petition with Reserve Bank of INDIA (RBI) on the amount of debts written off to corporate business houses.
7. Petition with MCH on propertyyax payment in Prashasan nagar of hyderabad

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Planetary said...

Dear Rakesh

I suggest to put all the information collected under RTI on your blog or a site dedicated to this purpose.

Assume if every body follows the efforts you took then i dont think corruption would have great chance to survive untill it becomes immune to rti.