Friday, March 31, 2006

HOW To Go about filing Requests

Here I would like to say a few things,1. Some of the friends were of the opinion that we should take the help of media before we go to anyoffice(give a tip off to the media). I also thoughtabout it and let me tell you, if we go with the media, out of fear, the officials may accept and giveinformation. But what we need is that the purpose ofRTI should be served. Lets say an illeterate villagergoes and requests information, he should be given thesame importance as given to a media person.RTI will have served its purpose only when a commoncitizen with nothing behind him can get theinformation. When officials give information feelingas if it is their duty but not out of fear.2. Once we do not get what we requested for, then wecan take the help of media in highlighting their lethargy. This will serve better as govt officials willrealise the importance.

1. Get the department from you are seeking informationright. Then approach the department.
2. Enquire for the PIO(public information officer) oran APIO(asst PIO). Just write down whatinformation youare seeking on a paper. (there is no specific format,you can write it according to your wish).You need notdisclose your identity and needn't tell them why areyou requesting the information for. BUt you need togive the complete Address for communication.
3. Be very specific in your application. The morespecific you are, teh more chances of getting therequired information.(like how many,how much,figures,numbers etc)
4. Pay a nominal fee of Rs 10/-. Take the receipt withthe date and time with a stamp of the concerned dept.


Sohail said...

Thanks for providing very basic information for registration of form.

Anonymous said...

Rakesh, what is your plan? Once you get this information, what would be your next steps?
I can not tell you the rush of things in my head. There is tons of stuff which needs to be take care of if you really really envision a "Developed India".
When I read the introduction, you inspired me. I kind of share same feelings about our country.
No point blogging and not doing anything - no offence but I really want to know your plan.

Rakesh said...

hello dear ......,

very well said...unless u use the info..nothing will happen..i gnly analyse the info after u get it and then share it with ppl...publicize it...verify in cases like the farmer suicides etc...

On a long term, i do regular RTI awareness workshops. reached out to abt 500 ppl till date..once i could get a pool of 15 ppl, we r planning strategic filing of RTIs in specific subjects and then analyse the info to pressurize policy change at the very highest level.

have sme plans of doing a jan sunwai post summer..

i am available always...u could write to me at

Anonymous said...

unfair to post a blog, ask question and not give the mail address.
Blog (above) which reads - "Rakesh, what is your plan? Once you..." is by me and my mail id is

vamsee said...

hi rakesh! this is vamsee.. since we are sufficiently inclined to follow a set routine its our fundamental involvement to make sure that we're living in a safe democracy.. and also a great responsibility to all of us to use RTI act and at least look upon to get the work done by the govt babus in our locality.