Friday, March 31, 2006


I visited to MCH and secretariat on DEC21st 2005 to file applications requesting information as per RTI.My eriences.
1. Municipal corporation of HYderabad (MCH)
I had to virtually fight with everyone(from security guards toadmin staff) to make them understand that something called RTIexists. I ran around for abt 2hrs and finally submitted a petiiton.The quation is simple." HAs the congress party paid MCH for using MCH property duringAICC pleanry".They were reluctant to take the nominal fee of Rs 10/- They were treating them as bribe. Anyway they did not take it.I am sure that i will not get the required information. I am planningalong with loksatta( i contacted them also) to take it to the mediaonce i dont get the reply.
2. School education Dept.(Secretariat)
I had to wait for 90 min to meet the Joint secretary to Govt(anIFS officer) who happens to the the PIO(public information officer).The first question he asked me was " why do you want thisinformation?"I told him "just like that and also there is clear provision in theact that you need not disclose ur identity and the purpose"I paid the nominal fee of Rs 10/-.The information i requested was reg1. The details of dropouts in govt schools of hyd.2. dEtails of funds sanctioned for improving infrastructure3. DetaILS of computers given to govt schools.4. Details of library allocations.A wonderful xperience for me. I ran around thw whole day for this. Ihad plans of filing more petitions, but i was short on time.I am planning to take it up with loksatta and the media once i dontget the information.The funniest part was at both the places, i was the first personfiling this request and they knew nothing abt how to go about filingthis. Any how i am very happy that i have been able to make some employees of MCH and secretariat realise that RTI exists..

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