Friday, March 31, 2006


After many efforts, the first fruits of success. MCH has replied, The reply in their own words,

" With Reference to your letter cited,the following information is furnished under Sction 3 of the RTI act 2005. An amount of Rs 77,000/- was collected from the Indian National Congress Party through Cheque bearing NO:452841,dt.07-01-2006(A/C no:11638) of Central Bank of India drawn on Kalyan Nagar Branch in favour of Commissioner,MCH and the same deposited into MCH account vide challan No: 2182/39 at SBH, MCh branch. The breakup of RS 77,000/- is as follows,
1. Usage of 9 MCH arches for one week @ Rs 5000/- each.
2. Erection of Bunting,Bill Boards,etc at 34 locations @ Rs 500/- each.
3. Erection of flags at 100 locations @ Rs 150/- each.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter."

So there is the official word. Only Rs 77,000/- for using the entire city. YOu all might have seen with your own eyes as to how many flags and bill boards have been erected. If it is so cheap that by paying 77,000 if you can use the city, I sure will bet that every film producer would do that to promote their films. And even an ordinary rich person can do that if he is willing to become famous in one day by putting his posters all over the city.So by this we understand one thing thatEither the COngress party is at fault that they used in excess of what was allowed(if this true, then they have to pay up the remaining amount) or the MCH officials are at fault that they turned a blind eye towards all that was happening(may be there was something taken from under the table)
SO please let me know your views on how do we take this official information forward in punishing the guilty............


hemanshow said...

Great. Next step can be many.
1. Lets collect such info and then we can group such violation done by single party and take them to law.
2. Some NGO who specialize in this can help.
3. Every district magistrate (collector) runs a "Jan abhaav abhiyog meeting" once a month and may be we can address this there.
3. Consult some lawyers whether we can goto court as a PIL because it is loss of public money.

sami said...

Really interesting and innovative effort to bring about a change. Kudos’ to you. Things like this are going to bring a lot of change in our society. The political system and the government bodies should be accountable to public. That’s the true meaning of democracy. We can don’t check on it time to time, the whole system is going to be hijacked for the advantage of elite few.

Really appreciate your work Rakesh. Keep posting.

Sohail said...

Well Rakesh its tremendous job u have done it.I think RTI is defenetly going to be an obstacle for corrupted officials.
I think in such cases we should go to collector and present data.So that we get some advice from him.There may be some better idea but i have little knowledge about it.
HATS OF TO U................