Friday, March 31, 2006


In the last one year, I met many a wonderful people working for the betterment of society. But even with those many people, the development that is taking place is very limited. It is only now that i am realizing the enormity of the task.
Now a days, I am busy working with BHARAT UDAY MISSION (
Visit the site. We are working on some very good projects.

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div said...

You are an inspiration to all of us, Rakesh.

Your efforts will always bear fruit and I hope to meet more people like you.

Take care!

umesh varmap said...

rakesh this is umesh from gamana. i think the number was wrong in terms of arches. you need to ask a copy of the original application recieved for placing this stuff on the roads. i am sure that if you search the newspapers you will know that they erected so called dwars for each of the president s of congress party from its inception and then we can file a complaint with the commissioner that the number is not true and that they collected much less than what they need to. you might also find that the money was actually paid by some industrialist.
could be risky though. if you need some help please let me know.